How to Stay Cute During the Apocalypse

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Staying cute during the apocalypse

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When the apocalypse hits, personal protective equipment like face masks and body suits will be in high demand. Millions of people will be scurrying to stock up on last season’s emergency medical attire. It won’t be long before good fashion sense becomes as endangered as the human race.

Teenaged girls will no longer be sporting the latest Brandy Melville apparel. Instead, they will be dressed in the same white Hazmat suits as everyone else on the block. Everyone will be… not cute.

Except for you, our fashion-conscious reader.

We’ve gathered the best looks for the zombie apocalypse. Be the cutest survivor on the block with these hot trends.

Face shield fashion trends for the apocalypse

Let’s face it: fashion trends come back in cycles. Your grandmother’s wardrobe is back in style and fair game. You no longer have to live in fear of being mistaken for a 50 year old Asian woman power-walking in the park. Take a look at these stylish options to make your apocalypse wardrobe pop.

Poncho Season-Meets-Peace of Mind

Pink Protective Jacket with Face Shield
Brand: BBesty

This crop-top poncho from BBesty is the perfect length to go with all of your high-waisted jeans. Protect your midriff region from airborne contaminants while showing off your waist.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Anti-Dust Face Shield with Articulating Mouth Door
Brand: Smoxx

Show off your latest lip shade or prevent yourself from inhaling zombie germs at a moment’s notice with this Anti-Dust face shield from Smoxx. Available in pink, blue and grey, to coordinate with your skin’s undertones.

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Fun in the Sun

Contrast Trim Straw Hat With Detachable Face Shield Mask (Left)
Clear Detachable Face Shield Mask
Brand: Romwe

This just in: zombie brains are not dermatologist approved! The perfect balance of style and functionality, these sun hats from Romwe keep zombie brains off of your face.

“The Ariana”

Holographic Visor Hat
Brand: Romwe

God can still be a woman during the zombie apocalypse with this holographic visor from Romwe. This multicolored statement piece is enough to give any drab outfit an instant upgrade.

Buckets of Fun

Drawstring Decor Bucket Hat With Detachable Shield Mask (Left)
Floral Print Bucket Hat With Face Shield Mask (Right)
Brand: Romwe

Mix up your look by adding some 90s-inspired fashion with an apocalyptic twist. Perfect for tending to your crops or slaughtering the beloved family pet for food, this look says, “Don’t @ me!”

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

UV Protection Hat with Neck Cover
Brand: BBesty

The UV Protection Hat from BBesty is perfect for scavenging and running errands. You’ll have the helpless occupants of the house you’re looting say, “That’s fetch!” as you load the rest of their SPAM rations into a duffel bag.

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Stylish body suits for dealing with the infected

It’s time to start thinking about the encounters you’ll have with the infected during the zombie apocalypse. Face protection is a must, but don’t forget about the rest of your body. Below are the hottest looks that let the zombie hordes know not to come for you.

Did someone say “outbreak”?

Protective Coveralls with Hood
Brand: KILLM

Is cuteness contagious? We sure hope not with these protective coveralls from KILLM.

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Is it safe to go outside yet?

Protective Jumpsuit Coveralls
Brand: wpOP59NE

When lockdown mode has you hiding indoors for weeks, that’s no excuse to let your guard down when you have to come out. Hide your grown-out roots and overgrown leg hair with this protective jumpsuit.

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The Nerdy Lab Girl

Clean Room Lab Coat
Brand: YZZ

Looking to impress a smart scientist-type who is working on a vaccine for the undead? This lab coat says, “Hey, I do math stuff too!”

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Marshmallow Peeps Chic

Anti-Static Protective Jacket and Pants Combo
Brand: YZZ

The first 2-piece body suit on our list comes in four colors: yellow, blue, pink, and white. Get creative and mix-and-match colors to make a brand new outfit for every day of the week.

Check price on Amazon

And we haven’t forgotten about our male readers…

r/LetsNotMeet or Your Next #MCM? Why not both?

Unisex Protective Coveralls

The apocalypse is no excuse for stepping outside of your house in a body suit made of trash bags and masking tape. Flex on your neighbors with these manly unisex coveralls.

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Now you are ready to stand out from the crowd during the zombie apocalypse. Let us know your own fashion forecasts for the end times in the comments.

13 Responses to " How to Stay Cute During the Apocalypse "

  1. Stacy says:

    This is a wonderful article looking at the context of the time. Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips to look good as well as to stay safe.

  2. All these items are very cute!

  3. Emman Damian says:

    The Ariana looks so chic! I like the style and the color of the pieces. Very well put!

  4. Natalia Vorche says:

    What a cute post and looks like I need to wear those since we have 5094 cases here

  5. the arianna shield? is that something she wears when going out during the lockdown? it’s interesting to see what “celebrities” are doing.

  6. Elicit Folio says:

    Omg i needed this post!! I am loving the Holographic Visor Hat! Ordering one today!

  7. This post have positive vibes which must needed in this situation. In btw love all accessories, will buy one if quarantine extends.

  8. Nina says:

    I like the humour. if the lockdown does continue I will be looking into buying one of these.

  9. Marysa says:

    These are all interesting looks! We were just talking about plague masks last night and how I could see people having fun with those.

  10. Eileen M Loya says:

    If our quarantine period is extended, you can be sure I will get some of these. I like the face shield with the neck cover.

  11. very cute. this post makes everything light. i love the vibes of this post. 🙂 and the outfits are also really cute. <3

  12. Serene Xi says:

    I have been prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse for years! And I’m not cute at all these days. Thanks for the inspiration here! Love it!

  13. Very fun post. I enjoyed it a lot. After reading this, I’ll definitely buy some of the accessories.

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